Monday, May 4, 2009

First Post!

I decided to start a Blog documenting fashion shows, special offers, line production, travelling and too much vegan ice cream eating. If you only read this for photos of girls in our panties, that's fine too. Haha.

I am proud to announce that Purrfect Pineapples will be doing a fashion show for Northern Ink Xposure on June 18th. Please mark your calendars because it will be awesome. We have a top notch model line up that is pretty exciting for me (Sharon TK, Dina De Sade, Porcelain and Wren!!). Huge nerd right here.

I'm super excited to work with two new Sponsors for this show. All the makeup will be supplied by Make Up For Ever, and backstage catering will be provided by Sadies Diner (an awesome Vegetarian diner in downtown Toronto). If you haven't experienced Sadies Diner or Make Up For Ever, you should probably get on that. Both are awesome. <3

In other news, I just got home from Chicago this morning. We headed down there on Thursday for Burning Fight ( Seeing The Hope Conspiracy, Indecision, Converge (3 times in 3 days) and Disembodied made my life awesome. I never thought I would ever get to see Disembodied so I'm still super excited about the whole thing. They met my expectations and I'm a pretty happy girl right now. This weekend needs to be re-lived big time. So many awesome friends from Texas, Michigan and Chicago, I loved it. We also made sure to consume as much Temptation Ice Cream as possible in 4 days. We got to try out two awesome vegan restaurants: Chicago Diner and Pick Me Up Cafe. Espresso Milkshakes win, but I am never eating ice cream again (for a week...).

Super sketchy climb up to our friends rooftop, but it was beautiful and well worth it.

Yummy raw veg sandwich at Chicago Diner, washed down with strawberry cheesecake (amazing!) and chocolate Temptation Ice Cream + vegan whipped cream.

Do these need captions? Wiener Street and Justie's busted pants. Amazing.

When I went to pick up the fashion show flyer's, I was given this! They will be part of the Skulls Exhibit for NIX, more info here:
I'll take "After" pictures of it too, prepare for glitter and sequins!



  1. Hooray! So excited for the show! Also... so jealous you get to decorate a skull! <3

  2. I doubt mine will get put in the art show since I'm not an artist.. but I'm excited to have one in my apartment. :)

  3. FUCK YES!! So stoked on toronto and seeing your face lil lady! xo

  4. hi, love you, miss you, more visits on a weekend that isnt a clusterfuck of millions of people! <33333 not enough erika in my life.

  5. Yay I love that you started a blog! Mmmm hot models and vegan ice cream = best first post ever! xoxox