Thursday, November 19, 2009

Purrfect Pineapples takes LA - Part 1

I haven't written in here for awhile due to life being hectic and getting ready for this trip. At the end of August, I decided I really needed a change, and something to keep me motivated to keep making new designs and keep up the frilly panty goodness. I gave up my ridiculous pink apartment in Toronto (it will be missed) and put everything I had into making a whole bunch of new stuff that you guys have never seen me do before. To ensure my efforts were not going to waste, I booked three AMAZING photoshoots in LA with six adorable models.

I left Toronto November 11th, and headed to Austin, TX to hang out with my friend Nick for a few days. We ate delish vegan food, went hiking, attempted to shop (I'm the worst shopper in life), and had a good hangout. Nick ensured that I tried my first Daiya vegan cheese pizza! Best shit, ever. This cheese needs to be had by all vegans, just sayin'. I have actually found it at the Whole Foods in Beverly Hills and that means some serious cheese hoarding needs to happen asap. Anywho, Austin ruled, I kind of miss it and would definitely check it out again. Here's a pic of the epic breakfast we made:

Nick surprised me with this ridiculous vegan bacon that I have never seen (or tasted) in my life. It was pretty delish, but I still felt weird eating it. The pancakes were amazing too, out of The Thrive Diet book. Tofu scramble with kale, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and onion. Talk about the best at home breakfast I have ever been a part of. Plate setting and fanciness credit goes to Nick though. + 10 points.

Insert photo of me molesting Nicks cat here. Dan Dan is the smallest, cutest cat ever. Tofu definitely has some competition. Please let me steal you, kthx.

I arrived in LA on Friday evening, my hilariously heavy bags both broke at the same time and it was awesome!! I ended up staying at the Westin for two nights so I could hang out with my friend Emily for the weekend. I threw myself together when I got to the hotel and Emily, Alex and I headed to Royal T Cafe for the Bats and Cats Hello Kitty Masquerade. I didn't look goth, but it was fun and the venue was amazing and decked out in everything Hello Kitty!! SO CUTE. It was hard not to squeel at everything and gush over the pink kitty junk everywhere. These were my fave Hello Kitty inspired paintings:

This one made me die laughing due to the Hello Kitty cat costume.. it exists on the internetz and I almost bought it for Tofu a couple of years ago. All cats need this costume. I want this painting, so bad.

Close up needed.

I fail at crediting these photos but you can find a full artist list HERE.

Saturday Emily and I headed to heaven: i.e. the Los Angeles Fabric District. I'm glad someone else appreciates fabric shopping as much as I do. I collected a whole bunch of swatches of amazing fabrics to use in my next line. Pretty exciting. We ate lunch at a random cafe that happened to have amazing vegan food. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and this wrap:

Spinach tortilla stuffed with marinated tofu, ground sausage, spinach, and roasted red peppers.

We headed back to our hotel to get ready for the Hello Kitty fashion show at Royal T Cafe. Emily runs Artifice Clothing, so she had an adorable outfit in the show. It was great to witness this much Hello Kitty goodness in person. I also got to meet some adorable ladies, which is always a good thing. I was super excited to meet Amy (Shrinkle)!!! She also had an adorable outfit in the show:

Lauren WK in Shrinkle's outfit.

Obviously Hello Kitty herself made an appearance on the runway too! She was also wearing a Shrinkle dress. Talk about the best opportunity ever... making clothes for Hello Kitty.

On Sunday Emily, Alex and I headed to Trashy Lingerie for some lurking. I love that store more than anything and find it hard not to custom order everything. It was Emily's first Trashy experience, so we were in there a good two hours. If only I had a reason to buy sexy costumes, right? Afterward we headed to Real Food Daily with our new friend Wednesday for some sweet vegan dinner. I'm lacking pics of this meal, but it obviously ruled. I had a massive tempeh burrito, with cashew cheese, a side caesar salad and a slice of sugar-free, gluten-free pecan pie. Best pie ever, I need more. I will be making a few more trips to RFD in the next few weeks. ;)

Monday involved lots of sleeping, vegging out and preparing for the following day! Tuesday was my first photo shoot in LA. I shot with Ama Lea and our model was Lauren WK. She looked incredible in both sets I made and I can't wait to see the photos. I'll make sure to post them as they are received. Ama and Lauren are both amazing to work with, I would really love to collaborate again.

Tomorrow is my second photo shoot and it will be amaaaaazing! I am shooting with Clayton Addison and the models are Sara Eudy, Krystyn Lea and Drew Linden. Keep ya posted with pics and updates!