Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Original Artwork For Sale By Duane Hosein

My friend Duane just updated his Etsy shop with some new goodies! You should totally take advantage of picking up some of his original, one of a kind artwork. If you hassle him hard enough, he might even start selling prints (I have been trying!). You should also follow him on Twitter for news and website updates.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sanrio's Small Gift 50th Anniversary Event

Last week I attended the Sanrio 50th Anniversary opening show/party at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. Yes, it was in an airplane hangar by the airport to accommodate the indoor ferris wheel! I didn't ride it and I regret it, a lot. Basically my night was filled with vegan chili cheese fries from the food trucks in the parking lot, cotton candy, awesome artwork, retarded costumes to dress up in, cute ladies, and lots of smiles.

My favorite painting was called "Hello Chicken Dinner" by Nouar. If only artists would trade artwork for panties, I would be set! I found this awesome video tour of the whole party that you should definitely watch to understand how awesome it was. Complete artist list and some better photographs can be found HERE.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mosh vs. Danger Ninja

First thing's first... I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Daniel Hoyt. This was our second time working together and the outcome just keeps getting better. I couldn't be more satisfied with these photos of the adorable Mosh! If you haven't worked with her, you probably should. She blows my mind. This was one of my favorite collaborations so far and I can't wait for the next opportunity to work with either of them.

The second part of this shoot was with Kristen Leanne, photos coming soon. She wore the second colorway for these new floral sets I made. I'm kind of in love with them and I hope you are too. ;)

I should also include some info on this kitty, who has a completely random three part name that I forget. She lives with Scar at Pillar Box Studios in Downtown LA. The first time I shot there, she was just a little guy that was recently rescued off the streets of Downtown LA. She used to look like this:

How freakin' adorable is she? She won my heart when she took a nap in a Babycakes hat. I probably keep booking shoots at Pillar Box Studios just to visit her... but don't tell anyone. Anyways, on to the real photos.

Photos By: Daniel Hoyt (Danger Ninja Productions)
Model: Mosh
Makeup By: Mosh
Hair By: Nikki Lipstick
Wardrobe: www.purrfectpineapples.com
Necklace By: Yardley December

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sale On Hair Bows!

Not being able to sleep means SALE TIME!!! I have had these adorable hair bows sitting around for far too long. I wholesaled the cutesy charms from Acrylicana.com awhile back. I would love for them all to go to a good home, so I am reducing the price from $14.00 to $7.00 including
shipping to the US/Canada. Add $2.00 for shipping to the UK/Europe/Australia. That's 50% off plus free shipping to US/Canada! ;) Once these are gone, I will not be making more. So grab em while you can!

Please email erika@purrfectpineapples.com to secure your choice!

Colors Available for Green Cupcakes:
Turquoise x 1 pair
Light Pink x 2 pairs
Purple x 1 pair

Colors Available for Pink Cupcakes:
White x 2 pairs
Turquoise x 1 pair

Colors Available for Ice Creams:
Black x 1 pair
Purple x 1 pair
Light Pink x 1 pairs
Turquoise x 1 pair
White x 1 pair

Colors Available for Chocolate Cupcakes:
Fuchsia x 1 pair
Red x 1 pair
Orange x 3 pairs
Lime (Sold Out)
Purple x 1 pair

Colors Available for Happy Cupcakes:
Red x 1 pair
Lilac x 2 pairs
White x 1 pair

I will be attempting to post more Blogs about special offers and sale items this month!
Thanks for looking. xo