Saturday, March 26, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Unfortunately there have not been many updates on this blog lately. It's time to fix that!! I have so much to share with you guys. We have been featured in a few magazines in 2011 that we are pretty stoked about. First was LA Weekly, which is like Torontos NOW Magazine, distributed all over Los Angeles in most coffee shops and restaurants. Being in their Valentines Issue was a huge accomplishment for us.

The next few magazines are based out of Germany, but can be purchased online here.
#1 Tatowier Magazin - February 2011 - Model: Little Linda - Photo By: Tom Medvedich
#2 Tattoo Style Magazine - Feb/March 2011 - Model: Kristen Leanne - Photo: Daniel Hoyt
#3 Tattoo Erotica Magazine - March 2011 - We have a 6 - 10 page feature and interview in this issue. Still waiting to see it though! :) I'll be able to post more about this when I receive a copy.
#4 Tatowier Magazin - March 2011 - Model: Apnea - Photo By: Ama Lea

Next up is our 2 page spread in my friend Melisser's book - The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life!! I was flattered when she asked me to answer a few questions to be a part of this project. You can purchase a copy here. Melisser will even sign a copy if you request it, mine was signed and sealed with a kiss. ;) This book is an awesome resource for vegan ladies! Including: features on vegan ladies with awesome businesses, recipes, craft projects and a lot of useful vegan info.

We were also asked to do a feature for Pink Tattoo Magazine, which is published by Rebel Ink Magazine. They interviewed me and all three ladies from the shoot we did in Phoenix, AZ back in August. I'm really excited about how this feature turned out, especially since this shoot was so much fun, I feel like I have a reminder now.

Rebel Ink - Pink Tattoo Magazine - February 2011 - Models: Andi Lyn, Megan Massacre, Kandy Photo By: Nicolle Clemetson

Another thing I am VERY excited about is our new promo materials for this Spring/Summer! I commissioned miss Yardley December to design these awesome stickers, business cards and postcards with my favorite photographs from the last year. We are trying to get these babies into stores in other cities as well, so if you work at a vegan establishment, an independent coffee shop, record store, independent clothing store or tattoo shop please comment on this post and I would love for you to put these out! :)

We also confirmed a booth at this years Art Tattoo Montreal Convention. We are pretty excited to be doing a show in Canada after almost two years of hiatus from Canadian conventions and Expo's. It should be a fun time with old friends! I am also very excited for Aux Vivre brunch!!

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