Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tattoo Erotica Feature

My copy of Tattoo Erotica came in the mail the other day, so I figured I would post the whole feature! I'm super excited with how this turned out, it looks adorable. Although, I kinda wish I had a German translator, haha. You can purchase a copy here.

Models: Cherry Dollface & Sharon TK
Photos: Ama Lea

#1 Makani Terror - Photo: Destroy Inc
#2 Krystyn Lea - Photo: Clayton Addison
#3 Megan Massacre - Photo: Nicolle Clemetson
#4 Kandy K - Photo: Nicolle Clemetson

#1 Mosh - Photo: Daniel Hoyt
#2 Lauren WK - Photo: Ama Lea
#3 Kristen Leanne - Photo: Daniel Hoyt
#4 Little Linda - Photo: Tom Medvedich

Model: Apnea
Photo: Ama Lea

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  1. hey there! i am german and i have a copy here aswell. if you like i could translate it for you. :)

    i am not on blogspot that often, so if you are interested in having it translated, then find me on fb.