Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trailer Heaven

I'm way behind on posting photo shoot pictures, so here are a few from one of my favorite shoots I did just outside of Los Angeles, CA. We had the amazing opportunity to shoot and stay in this adorable location for one night. Each trailer is themed and decorated differently. We only shot in the pink and white trailer because I couldn't resist the gold glitter seats and lilac interior! So cute! This place made me want to live in a trailer, badly. Except then I realized that showering would suck forever. Instead, I'll go stay at this magical place in the middle of nowhere for a few nights sometime soon. They even had a heated pool...

These sets are available on our website right now. Both are made from vintage limited edition fabrics! I only have small quantities of both prints, so pick them up while you can. <3

Model: Lauren WK & Kristen Leanne
Photos By: Marianne Williams
Hair By: Laura Raczka

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